Why Are Video Captions Beneficial For Your Business?


It may not be thought about often, but text within your companies videos could be a key factor in whether your video makes or breaks your audiences experience. Nowadays, it’s pretty common to see captions on video via social media, but captions can serve an even larger role with its accessibility. Using captions within all of your videos makes it easier for anyone who wants to engage in your content can view it. Here’s some reasons why captions are beneficial for your business.

Captions Allow For Greater Accessibility:

Captions are able to engage a large amount of viewers who are not only deaf and hard of hearing, but they also help engage those viewers in your content that might not speak English. Captions are also being used and are helpful among the hearing population as it makes it easier to watch a video through your cell phone and through social media. It’s been shown that captions help these viewers remember and retain facts better and build their vocabulary.

Keeping Up With Industry Standards:

As people are scrolling through their social media feeds, captions make it easier to catch their attention where as photos and videos that only have audio have the opposite effect. Videos that have captions have an increased chance of being seen, and social media has been the backbone in helping make video captions a standard thing now. More and more Facebook users are watching video without sound and some of those videos have gone viral, which proves even more why captions are beneficial to your video content.

Caption As Much As Possible:

The more videos you are able to caption, the more those videos will be viewed by a larger audience. Once you start captioning your videos, it’s best to be consistent with it so you are not losing engagement along the way. Captions don’t have to be boring either. You can make your captions part of your creative concepts and make it visually appealing for your audience to enjoy! This way, your captions will look great on your social media platforms all while continuing to build a larger audience for your brand.

Time Spent On Your Site Will Increase:

When it comes to creating video, you want your audience to get the most out of your content. Captions help people become more engaged in your video, and it also helps viewers to remember your content after they watch your video. Even if a viewer is watching your video through their mobile device, captions help contain their viewing experience, especially when they can’t necessarily listen to the audio out loud.

As you can see, they’re many benefits for captions to be a consistent part in your videos. They look great on social media platforms, but more importantly, captions bring in a wider audience that you might not have had if you didn’t have captions, and they make your content more compelling. Remember these tips when creating your next video, and we think you will see your engagement increase for the better!