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New Sky Productions specializes in commercial video production and photography working directly with brands and agencies to tell better stories.Yep, no birthday parties, bar mitzvahs or weddings here. Just good old fashioned, unadulterated advertising that transports viewers, grabs their attention and  helps you where it matters most – quantifying return on investment.


We like to keep things simple here at New Sky Productions, so when you’re ready to chat, here’s a little insight in how we guide our preliminary conversations in order to get you answers to those all-important questions: what are we creating and what’s it going to cost?


The very first thing we do when starting a new video production project, is listen. You are the authority on your product, service or process and anyone who comes in pretending to know everything should see the door as quickly as they walked through it. We’ll never pretend to know everything about everything. We’re a curious bunch who want to learn about you and your business, because when you are successful, we are too. Before we leave this meeting, we’ve usually agreed to create a handful of different creative ideas and present them at a later date.


After our discovery meeting, we pow-wow at our offices and lay out the problem, or challenges that you’re facing. Hey, after all, at the very core of who we are, we’re problem solvers. This is the stage where our team syncs up with one another and we get to the heart of the challenge ahead. After we’re satisfied, we assemble a pitch deck and schedule a follow-up appointment to present to you.


Here, we present our ideas that we’ve developed. Each of these has their own budget range so that we can give an idea of cost. Sometimes clients settle on one idea, sometimes they want to merge two or more, but, at the end of the day, we have a pretty clear pathway to begin the pre-production process.

I have experienced nothing but professionalism, attention to detail and unbridled creativity from his agency while helping create my company’s media campaign.


We count ourselves lucky to work with New Sky Productions to tell stories of our nation’s military families. New Sky Productions were so easy to work with and were able to grasp exactly what we wanted to showcase on each project we did.


Quite possibly the best group of professionals I have hired to assist me in creating a national brand. The team at New Sky Productions was on time and on budget with my website creation, testimonial video shoots, and brand commercial video.

MARK GIGUERE, CU Certified Automotive


New Sky Productions was founded back in 2009 by college friends who decided that working for the man was for the birds. The crew rallied and has been immersed in high-quality commercial video production ever since. Take a moment to learn a little about the folks who make it all happen.




What hasn’t been said about Grant Morris that hasn’t already been said about Aristotle or Socrates. He’s wicked deep. A native Louisianian, he’s wrestled alligators in the swamps, adventured in the High Sierras of California, filmed with The Westboro Baptist Church, and photographed wildfires and numerous presidents. One of the founders of New Sky Productions, he has been named one of The Nashua Telegraph’s 20 Emerging Business Leaders in 2014 and The New Hampshire Union Leaders’ 40 Under 40. Grant loves spending time with his wife Caitlyn and their colossal yellow lab, Rufus, in the great outdoors of New Hampshire. Tell Grant ‘Hi,’ and ask him to tell you a joke.


Over the past six years Matthew has made the mountains and waterways of the Pacific Northwest his professional and personal playground, drawing inspiration from the jagged peaks, winding rivers, and mossy forests surrounding his home base of Seattle. Trained as a still photographer, Matthew brings his eye for composition and storytelling moments to his video productions. Over the past 8 years working in the visual arts, Matthew has produced award winning photography and video work for countless publications and corporate clients on both a local and national level.


Rufus is an OG, plain and simple. A tried and true friend, he’s been here since the very beginning and always brings the warm and fuzzies. He loves to explore, swim where he’s not supposed to and has THE coolest socks. You’d be hard-pressed to find a more qualified and upstanding pooch.


Peter Grigsby is an award-winning producer and director of narrative, documentary, and commercial projects.  His career, which began in photojournalism has led to directing commercials with Lebron James and Arnold Schwarzenegger, working with the National Geographic Channel, and shooting all over Colombia on an award winning indie film.  his commercial work has received over 65 million views online while his narrative content was heralded as “strong and evocative” by the Hollywood Reporter.