Homepage Video Do’s And Don’ts


When it comes to your homepage video, it’s the first impression people have about your company. Therefore, it’s important to not only make it stand out from the rest, but to also make sure it has a great lasting impression on the viewer that they want to stay and learn more! They’re a lot of ways to create an engaging video that is visually appealing to people who are watching, but they’re also things companies should avoid while making a homepage video.

The Do’s:

– Make Your Message Clear:

Your homepage video should highlight your companies message in a clear and concise way all while making sure your message connects with your audience too. Make sure that after your audience watches this video that they walk away with a better understanding of what your company is about and an eagerness to learn even more.

– Put Your Video Front and Center:

If you want your homepage video to be engaging to your audience, it should be the first thing they notice when they visit your homepage. Try to not add design elements around your video that might be eye-catching to the viewer because that will only cause distractions from the thing you want them to notice the most, your video!

– Know Your Audience:

When creating a video for your homepage, it’s important to make it memorable for those first time viewers who are visiting your site. Make sure you know your audience well enough that when you’re sharing more about your companies message, it connects with them.

The Don’ts:

– It’s Not All About the Video:

Even though you want your homepage video to stand out to your first time viewers, remember that some people may not care to watch your video. This is where the text around the video needs to also share your same message. Having persuasive copy makes it easier for people to want to engage more and adding in some of the same key phrases or words that correlates with your message will also make it easier for those first time viewers to understand what your company is about.

– Don’t Drag Information Out:

It’s important to remember to not get too caught up in adding a lot of information within your homepage video. Make it short, sweet and engaging to the viewer without too much detail. If you do get caught up in wanting to share more information than necessary, your viewers might get overwhelmed and click off the video before it even ends. Keep it subtle while sharing key aspects about your company, developing brand awareness and piquing the viewers interest!

First impressions are important and it’s easy for a video to make a memorable impact on your audience, which is why you should keep these things in mind the next time you create a homepage video that benefits both your company and your audience.