The Benefits of Using One Camera Versus Multiple Cameras in Video Production


One of the first choices being made when starting a new video project is whether it will be shot with one camera or multiple cameras. They’re benefits to both depending on what you are wanting to get out of the video. The usage of multiple cameras allows for you to switch between different points of view while the usage of a single camera can create more of a cinematic feel, and it should be fairly easy to decide which fits best once you know the type of video you are wanting to create.

The Benefits of Using Multiple Cameras

Multi-Cam coverage is usually used during event coverage and other live events. This type of setup allows for two or more cameras to be placed around the room (or in two separate rooms) so that the video can be viewed from different perspectives throughout the event. This type of coverage is used best during live events, like a football game for example. The entirety of the event is able to be recorded without having to worry about missing a play because they’re multiple cameras recording from different angles. It is important to remember during multi-cam shooting that the cameras must remain in the perspectives they were setup in, so it is best to make sure this type of shooting is well thought out before the cameras are placed in position.

The Benefits of Using One Camera

Single-cam shooting is often used for commercials, promotional videos, and other similar type of media. When shooting with a single camera, it’s easier to move around as you’re filming the video because the cameras don’t need to be positioned in certain ways as they would be if you were filming with multiple cameras. A single camera can follow a person from place to place as they’re moving around throughout filming. Because the usage of a single camera allows for more movement, this type of shooting allows for more of a cinematic feel throughout the video. This type of coverage is used best when shooting a commercial or promotional type of video. Single-cam shooting is the best way to get a professional type of look during those videos because it provides complete control over the appearance of each scene and is sometimes more flexible then filming with multiple cameras.

At New Sky Productions, the same rate gets applied regardless of how many cameras are rolling. Because of this, you can decide which way of shooting video is best for your video project.

When it comes to filming your next video, remember this: the usage of multiple cameras allows for you to get different perspectives throughout the event you’re filming. It’s also easy to manage. The usage of a single camera allows for you to capture your video from a more detail-oriented, cinematic perspective.