Ways to Use Video in Email Marketing


One of the reasons why video marketing is so effective is because it’s engaging. People are able to absorb and retain the information better when it’s being shared through video. Email marketing is effective because it’s direct, and video marketing and email marketing can be highly effective when used together because of these reasons. When used together, video marketing can push engaging content directly through to your audience. Here’s some different ways video can be used within email marketing.

Keep Branding Consistent

One of the most important aspects when it comes to sharing your companies marketing campaign is to keep your marketing consistent. Videos have the power to establish your companies voice very quickly, which is why it is best to establish the message you want to share with your audience throughout all of your marketing campaigns early on. This will make it easier on your audience to trust your company and your message.

Create A Variety of Marketing Strategies

Creating multiple marketing strategies will ensure that every voice from your audience is being heard. Every demographic is different. so taking the time to come up with a variety of marketing strategies that will be best shared with different demographics is always a good idea. This way you will not only be prepared when it comes to sharing your videos to a wide variety of your audience, but you will also make your audience happy when they see that there’s a video that speaks to them.

Keep Your Video Concise

Although you are able to share additional information in the email you are sending out, the video itself needs to be short and sweet. Since the video is the main thing you are sharing in that email, you want to make sure the video relays the points you are wanting to make without it being too long as the attention span for content on the internet is quite short.

Track Your Customer Metrics

Once you have sent out your email marketing campaign, you should keep track of its insights. Through your email marketing links, being able to track as much information as possible is the best because you are able to understand how successful your campaign was. This will allow you to take notes on the things that were a success and the things you can improve on. Your video can track information like how many users clicked, how long they watched the video for, etc. Being able to keep track of these insights will allow for your next email marketing campaign to be even better.

As you can see, video and email marketing together can be extremely effective. It’s just a matter of taking that extra time to pull them together into a cohesive campaign, and the examples above will make it easier to do just that.