The Correct Way to Use Video When Recruiting New Team Members


There are multiple ways video can be used within a company, and when it comes to recruiting new talent, video is a preferred method in doing so. Companies want to be able to share the culture, benefits and goals of their business quickly when looking for a new hire, and video makes it possible to share an engaging message that can also be targeted to a specific demographic of employees. Here are some ways you can use video to recruit new talent.

Keep It Simple:

Employees are usually able to decide whether or not your company is the right fit for them within a few minutes of time. Try to narrow down the benefits of your company within three to four points and highlight those throughout the video. It’s also important to remember to highlight what makes your company special compared to other companies. You can assume that your employees are aware of the market conditions and their job desirability, and you can use this to highlight what makes your company stand out from the rest.

Use Employee Testimonials:

When it comes to recruiting new talent, some of the most effective videos don’t involve a whole lot. They are simply focused on employee testimonials and what they enjoy most about working for that company. These type of testimonials are very beneficial in that they show that employees have a voice and that their opinion matters; they approach it from the employee perspective, which allows for future employees to see what is so great about working for that company; and they are sincere as these type of testimonials are often seen as having greater sincerity since it’s coming from the employee themselves.

Be Unique:

Don’t be afraid to create fun and entertaining videos that make your company not only stand out from the rest, but be memorable as well. Employees today are usually looking for more than just a job, they are looking at the entire experience of how the employer is going to support their personal journey and how exciting it is to go into work each day. Creative and fun advertising, while highlighting that your company is a fun and interesting place to work, is a way to make sure your company is remembered among the rest.

Feature End Product:

A recruitment video doesn’t just have to be about the job; it can also share the amazing things the company is accomplishing and how the employees are a part of that success. These type of videos are more about finding employers that are the right fit, and by sharing what your company does, you can guide your recruitment towards employees who truly believe in the industry and want to make a difference.

The most important aspect of all of these videos is to make sure they are consistent and professional. Future employees are going to look at these videos for cues as to how your company is run and how successful it is, and when your videos are consistent and professional, you will be able to leave a good first impression.