Ways to Use Video When Marketing Locally


Local marketing is such a valuable type of marketing as you’re not only able to build relationships and have connections with your audience, but it also makes it easier to reach the goals your company has set. Video marketing is one of the best ways to connect to your local audience. Here are some ways video can be used to connect to your local markets.

Use Social Media to Connect With Your Local Audience:

As it’s been mentioned before, social media is a great and easy way to share your businesses content, and being able to create sharable content is a great way to advance your businesses message. When sharing content, some social media platforms allow for you to choose specific demographics you want to be able to reach, like people that live in areas that are local to your business. This will help your business be able to grow those connections with your audience. Continuing to maintain an active and interesting social media account(s) is important when sharing these videos to your audience.

Use Testimonials from Your Clientele/Audience:

It’s important to remember that when it comes to local marketing, your business should first give your audience something to relate to. That is where testimonials from your local clientele/audience will come in handy. Testimonials will be able to connect to your other local audiences that you may have not reached yet, be able to answer any questions they might have about your business, and make your business feel more trustworthy to them.

Connect With Local Reporters:

More often than not, there are reporters who want to share information about businesses within the community. This is a great reason to connect with them and then receive press about your business through video media. Being willing to build those relationships with those local reporters will not only help them with content on their end, but also help give your business exposure in the process through television, radio, internet and social media.

Cross-Promote With Local Businesses:

Being able to cross-promote with other local businesses is a win/win for your business and theirs as you are able to share both businesses content and increase your audience in the process. By partnering with other businesses, you are also able to continue to network and establish more of a presence within your community. You can also consider connecting with businesses that aren’t similar to your own. If both of your audiences have similar demographics, the cross-promotion should be worthwhile.


These strategies are some great ways video can be used when marketing locally. Video continues to remain one of the most effective ways to reach out to your audience on a personal level, which is why taking advantage of these tactics could be a great way to connect with your audience and gain more exposure locally.