Types of Videos Every Business Should Create


Businesses small and large have to put some money into video advertising if they want to create an all-inclusive marketing campaign, and there are several different avenues that a business can take when it comes to reaching their audience within video form. Below are some types of videos that are beneficial for a business to create in their marketing campaigns.

I like to say that there are a million ways to crack a nut, and depending on your key objectives, there is undoubtedly a video that will help you accomplish your goals. In order to determine the best route, it’s a good idea to talk with us, or any video professional about your options.

1). Corporate Overview: We like to call this type of video a digital handshake, because it can be the very first interaction that a customer has with a brand. It’s important to make a great first impression and this video lives on the front lines. This is the most important of all video because it introduces and reinforces the company’s brand and mission while building a stronger relationship with their audience. When it comes to business to business sales, this video will give the consumer a better understanding of how your company relates to them. What better way to share that message than through storytelling. This video’s main objective is to establish trust with the consumer above all else and can take the form of a creative ad or documarketing format depending on the audience and use.

2). The Testimonial: Being able to create a video where you’re able to share a story from your existing clientele creates trust among your audience. Your client and/or customer is able to talk about their experience with your company and how the work you do has benefited them. The more open and honest your client/customer is willing to be, the more valuable it will be for your marketing campaign. Generally speaking, the testimonial is best used when speaking directly to a demographic or persona. Because social media is predominately consumed with the sound off, so these aren’t the best for that application, but certainly has its place on websites, or in direct communication with future sales leads.

3). Creating Live Videos: Even though live videos are not something that you have to take a long time to create, they are still very beneficial when it comes to your company’s marketing. When you’re able to share a live video with your audience via social media, your audience feels more engaged and entertained. These type of videos allow for more engagement among your audience because they have the opportunity to interact as your live video is being broadcast. Not only that, but being able to engage with your audience on the fly allows for them to have more of a connection with your company. It makes it easier for them to connect than on different types of videos.

4). Explainer Videos: When creating this type of video, your company is able to go more in-depth about your services and products. If you have a confusing or convoluted product or service, giving people an idea of how it might be used can help them develop their own use case. This allows for your audience to be more informed about your company, and may make it easier on them when supporting your message, or even dreaming up ways that your product or service can help them in the future. These videos are designed to be more educational and are able to build your content base. These how-to type of videos are a way to strengthen those relationships you have with your audience, which is what it’s all about. The days of the one-and-done video are over, so being in front of your audience with new content is more important than ever.

These types of videos will be help build the reputation of your brand. Professional video production is an investment financially, but in the long run, video has one of the highest return on investment of any kind of marketing you can do today. Video works for you 24/7/365. It doesn’t sleep, it doesn’t eat, and it doesn’t take holidays.