The Ins and Outs of Splurging and Saving in Marketing


When it comes to creating video for a marketing campaign, professional marketers and corporations typically already know what they want to spend in order to create the best of the best type of video for their company, however, it may be beneficial to understand when it’s best to splurge and when it’s best to save.

When to Splurge

– Two of the most important parts of video production are audio and visuals. If your audio and visuals are not set to the highest quality media possible, then you might be breaking your video marketing campaign rather than seeing it succeed. This is why spending more on your audio and visual quality is so important. They are two crucial components to any video, and you want to make sure that both are meeting your standards.

– Making sure your audience is engaged throughout the process of the campaign is also important. You want them to be excited for what’s to come even before your video campaign has released. Because of this, spending a little more money on running promotions through your social media pages, filming events and live streams is a good idea. Paying more for promotions will allow for a more successful campaign launch as it will reach more people and have them more eager for the campaign release date.

– Similar to paying more for promotions, it’s also in your best interest to pay more for social media advertising. One of the benefits when you pay for advertising on social media is you are able to focus on specific demographics, which can mirror those who are already interested in your campaign. You are allowed a lot of freedom when it comes to paid social media advertising and because you are able to create your own audience size, you can connect with that same audience several times when promoting. Paid advertising through social media is becoming one of the most significant forms of online marketing.

When to Save

– Because social media is often going to be your most important tool as a marketer, it’s not necessary to spend a lot when it comes to video distribution or for commercial video slots. This  is where you can save some of your money. If you’re spending your money wisely through social media paid advertising, there’s no need to spend even more for video distribution. You’re already able to share your campaign through your social media audiences, who are already interested in your campaign, so why make the effort in spending a lot for commercial video slots when your social media pages allows for immediate access to an already interested audience?

– Although you want to be able to invest a little of your money in marketing data software, you do not need to spend a lot. They’re free hosting platforms accessible for you to use, which already have embedded marketing and data analytic systems in them. These free hosting platforms are even being used by large corporations.

– Using only one or two data collection and marketing services can also be beneficial when it comes to saving money. A large amount of your money could be spent on data collection services if you’re signed up for a dozen or more. This isn’t necessary because what you should be paying more attention to is improvement for your campaign. Your daily change in hits is what really matters as that will tell you whether your campaign is growing or staying stagnant, which is why using only one or two of these services is not only beneficial, but will also help you save money too.

Hopefully these tips on when to spend and when to save in marketing will allow for your campaign to be very successful!