Important Aspects When Creating Compelling Video


Video content is key when it comes to creating marketing for your brand, but how successful will those videos be without compelling content? Here are some ideas on how you can create compelling video.

Understand Why You Are Creating A Video

– Understanding why you are creating a video for your brand is important because you are able plan out your ideas in advance rather than your ideas being an afterthought. Think about the message you are wanting to send to your audience through your video. Not only that, but think about who your target audience is and who you’re catering to when creating that message. It’s important to discuss where, when and how your video will be used and whether you’re building brand awareness. All of these aspects are key when creating a compelling video.

Establish Consistency and Quality

– Being aware of quality and consistency in your videos can make or break the compelling factor. When you have both of those things, you are able to create an authentic video, but if you don’t have those things you’re not only running the risk of losing engagement from viewers who want quality content, but it also makes it more difficult to create long lasting relationships with those who enjoy consistency.

Include Your Client’s Message

– When it comes to creating a video that is compelling, being able to share stories from your client base is beneficial. Not only will their stories, if shared correctly, be able to create more authenticity for your brand, but it will also allow for your audience to be better engaged and understand the message you are trying to share.

Be Strategic

– It’s important to make sure that your team is on the same page when creating your video. Allow for collaboration between your team, but realize your goals for the video and what it will look like to meet those goals. If you’re not wanting this to be a one-time project, it has to be top of mind for everyone involved in creating it.

Avoid Making Your Message All About Your Brand

At their core, stories should always be about humans, and once that is realized you are better off sharing your message. Discovering that human element in your story is so important because it allows for your audience to have a more deeper, stronger and powerful connection to the message you are wanting to share. Trusting the human factor will resonate with your audience more than elaborate productions about brands or companies will. Being able to share this message is important if you want your audience to be engaged. People enjoy seeing other people benefiting from a message or product you are trying to share.

The next time you want to create a video that is compelling, you can look back at these tips to help guide you through that process.