The Importance of Storytelling


Stories are able to share a message in highly specific and emotionally impactful ways. They are memorable and connect with the viewers in a way that matters, which is why storytelling is an essential part of any good marketing campaign and why it’s something you will want to remember when planning your next campaign.

Why Storytelling Matters

Unlike using a bunch of statistics to get your message across, storytelling is able to share that same message, but a lot more effectively. It influences your emotions. For example, if you’re viewing a commercial that is listing off a bunch of statistics about why you should switch to Verizon, you may not pay attention to it as much as if you were viewing a commercial that showcases the benefits of switching to Verizon. You’re more than likely will want to consider switching to Verizon after viewing the commercial that shares more of a story. That will resonate with you the most. One study found that a painting became 11% more valuable when the artist’s story was featured below it. This is why storytelling matters so much.

Types of Stories that are Most Effective in Marketing

When you’re telling your brands story, you need to tell it in a way that will connect with your audience. Focusing on stories that are relatable to your audience will have a much larger impact to those that don’t. If it’s not relatable, then there’s nothing to emotionally connect it to. The more people connect with a story, the more they will remember it. Creating connections with your stories will help create long lasting bonds between your customers and your business. Focusing on the “why” aspect of storytelling is probably the most important. Don’t just give people the facts. Give people something to invest in.

The Best Mediums for Storytelling in Marketing

Storytelling can improve every campaign and social media effort for your business, however, that is only if you use it on the right type of platforms. Videos are perhaps the most effective type of media for storytelling and can easily be shared to thousands. They’re other types of media that are great platforms for storytelling as well, such as blog posts, press releases and social media posts.  You can tell the story of your brand, your individual products, and your customers. Your brand’s story isn’t as simple as the mission statement that lives on your site; it should be something you’re continually contributing to overtime.

As you can see through these tips, storytelling is the best way to create emotional and long lasting connection with your audience. They are not only memorable, but also effective and can make all the difference when it comes to planning your next marketing campaign.