Understanding Personas in Video Marketing


Knowing your target audience is essential when it comes to developing a successful video marketing strategy. Whether you’re producing a corporate video or an advertising spot, the better you know your audience, the more effective you will be. Understanding who your audience is and what they want will appeal to the engagement power of the messages you craft in your video marketing. If you can understand them, you can sell to them.

Be curious and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Take the time to dive in and seek to understand your audience’s ticks, their drives, and their needs and desires. This personal insight process is how you create a persona. Reliable personas will ultimately help you outline a really great video marketing strategy. From there, your marketing video production team has an underlying structure which will guide them to create content that resonates with the audience you are attempting to reach.

To begin drafting a persona, develop a checklist on items, such as: gender, age, job title, personality, needs, challenges, pain points, hobbies, iPhone or Android, tech enthusiast or traditionalist.

When you’ve gathered enough information, you can start forming a picture of that person. An example persona might read something like this:

Name: Sally Winters
Gender: Female
Age: 35 – 45 years old
Job: Business Development Manager
Industry: Training and Education
Values: Creativity and quality of work
Interests: Spending time with family and watching movies
Challenges: Keeping up with the marketing landscape and producing their own content

If you’re in the business of selling to the masses, creating personas that are geared toward swaths of your consumer base can help you develop content that will impact them uniquely.

A persona helps you understand what your client is like and allows you to a build connection. If you speak their language and appeal to their interests, you seem like them and that familiarity will build trust. Once you have a persona, or two, you can then work to discover what your audience wants from you and how to target message your content.

As a production company, we know that the most effective business video production is created when you know your audience and speak to them. Relateability will jumpstart brand loyalty and more importantly, a personal connection.