5 Ways to Market Your Brand with Video



Today, an effective marketing strategy goes well beyond basic text and article content. Video has become the single most important strategy in content marketing. Video marketing has revolutionized the way companies visually and dynamically engage with their audiences.

These are five ways to effectively market your brand with video.

Video Testimonials

Perhaps your site already has a testimonial page featuring reviews by your customers/clients. While written testimonials certainly can be effective, swapping out the plain text for video testimonials can improve your marketing efforts by 25%. Video testimonials are much more credible and personal as they bring to life the opinions and experiences of your customers. A positive video testimonial captivates the cautious customer, bolsters your brand’s credibility and makes you more trustworthy.

“How To” Videos

Informative “how to” or “what to do” videos are a great way to connect with your audience and boost brand recognition. Creating a short series of instructional videos that are relevant to your product or service will get you noticed in the social media stratosphere and will increase the share-ability of your content.



Behind the Scenes Footage

People like to work with people they trust and like. Behind-the-scenes videos give your viewers and potential customers a more intimate view of your brand. Whether it’s a tour of your workplace, a look at the making of your product or interviews with some of your company’s key people, these videos help build a community of people who support your brand.

And sometimes behind-the-scenes doesn’t necessarily mean showing exactly what you do sitting at your desk—often a behind-the-scenes video is just a different take on a brand video. One of our most successful videos we’ve crafted for our own marketing shows who we are as a brand by showing us… just being us.

FAQ Videos

Create short, Q&A-style videos that address common questions of your customers. It shows you’re familiar with their concerns and (interested in) their needs.

New Product Reveal via Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos have an incredible influence on consumer purchasing decisions, especially when it comes to products that have yet to be released. There are tons of unboxing videos on YouTube, but why not produce your own!? These videos have become an extremely popular resource for consumers who like to research products before they buy. Release your new product online with a series of short teaser product reveal videos on popular social media platforms to spark interest and rev up your audience for what’s to come!


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