The Believer’s Guide to Improving Your Video Content


5 Things to Improve Your Video Content from New Sky Productions on Vimeo.

You work at a company that already believes in the power of video marketing with video content and the effect it can have in communicating your most awesome attributes. EXCELLENT!

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people out there that aren’t internet video believers and it’s largely due to the fact that not everyone is as great as tracking metrics out there as your company is, so to you, I give a high five!

I also, will say this. There is a lot that you can do to make your video production even more effective. Give some of these five things a try and watch your metrics. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

1. Be Short

The number one reason your video isn’t as successful as it should be is because people aren’t making it to the end. This tidbit of advice is particularly pertinent to those who use social media as the primary platform for video. People scroll through their feeds quickly and have the attention span of a … hey a pretty bird is at the window!

That brings me to my next point.

2. Get to the Goods

For those of you who are riding the social media marketing train, we recently launched a vlog entitled Music and Branding: Why Good Music Matters and one thing that we noticed from the facebook metrics is that people were already gone before the hook of the video. For that matter, they were already gone before they got past my beautiful mustachioed face. What we did find is that once the beautiful shots kicked in, we kept people for almost the duration of the video.

You can see that we maintained a pretty solid 40% line among viewers who clicked on the video to play (purple line) whereas, those who were scrolling through the video barely made it past my face in the intro (green line). Rude!

3. Be Purposeful

I had a boss once that was famous for his saying “though the internet is endless, our viewer’s time is not”. He was right. People will sit through things they find useful. People will skip things they find useless. If your customers are constantly calling in and asking how to reset their modem, it might be wise to produce a short video about how to reset your modem and make it a part of your next web content push. A 45 minute video of your CEO doing a keynote address at a conference is not going to perform well. Your competitors will, however, be thankful.

4. Give an Insiders Peek

Transparency is a HUGE buzz word for a lot of our clients these days. That means that a lot of conversations that previously have been kept private, are now being publicized for the sake of keeping the consumer informed of the ongoings behind new products or services. Companies that are committed to transparency tend to build nearly religious brand loyalty making them excellent brand ambassadors…hello, free sales people!

5. The Element of Surprise

Delight your viewers with the gift of production value. Too often is it easier to chuck an iPhone video online and call it good. As much as I want to tell you that explosions and flames are great ways to retain viewership (and they are, don’t get me wrong), they might not be on brand for you, or may in fact startle the viewer. I feel the need to tell you that’s bad. There’s a difference between slick, well made video with the occasional, well placed gag and throwing an explosion into an ad about a new Heart Attack ad. If you can work it in and have it be tasteful, my hat is off to you!

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