Win Within The Shopper Cycle!


Your business’ product is amazing and you wholeheartedly stand behind it, but can you honestly say it is being represented to it’s full potential? When in the market for a certain product or service, it has never been easier to sort through the competitors to find one’s perfect fit with search engines, review sites and direct comparison of brand websites. The Shopper’s Cycle (Customer Purchase Funnel, Customer’s Life Cycle, Purchase Cycle Funnel, etc.) goes round and round, repeating itself sometimes multiples times a day.

Sub categories of the cycle pictured happen when there are multiple levels of engagement and added consideration through advertising and impressions but more of that to come in a future blog!

Everyone is familiar with the “Shopper Cycle” whether you knew it had a name or not. This is the pre-purchase ritual we all go through before choosing the item we are purchasing, only after doing our due dilligence of course. Awareness ~ Consideration ~ Preference ~ Purchase. Then, only when the company and product have met or, even better exceeded the expectations of the consumer, will the last step be reached….Brand loyalty.

Price vs Value vs Promotion are all on the comparison lists of the Consumer. Can you confidently say that your company is doing all it can to show the masses that your product could be THE ONE? We’ve said this time and time again but there is no way around it – Uncle Larry’s iPhone will never be capable of doing the job of a Video Production Company nor do your brand justice. Video conversion rates ultimately help your brand by showing how your efforts are turning the undecided into your actual customers. The savvy shopper of today will in fact be swayed by high quality production, transparancy of said brand and the company’s customer engagement. We want to help you tell the story of both your brand and individual products to WIN in your market.

Everything is instant now as society is busy. We are GO GO GO and don’t have time (or want to take the time) to leisurely clip coupons or go from store to store looking for the best deals. Having quality video will not only show your company’s worth but also help your website’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization)! Your potential customers will go to Google and we would all rather be on the first page of results then the 13th, amiright?

So, we know consumers will perform their own searching ritual before making the leap and, if you want to stay in the running you must compete! Bottomline is times are a changin’ though there are a few “new school” behaviors that should certainly be common knowledge by now. There is seemingly no excuse to not have an updated website, compelling video marketing online, calls to action and a way to measure engagement!

If you know video marketing can do wonderful things for the future of your brand but could use some help getting started, come join us for one of the two upcoming “Small but Mighty” presentations. New Sky Productions wants to help bring small businesses to the forefront in their market. This will be an informative presentation with an offer to begin a valuable relationship with an awesome video production company!