Top 4 TVs for the Corporate Office (+ How to run video content on TVs)


Are you looping video content in front of your customers? You should be. But what’s the best TV to buy? The cheapest? Not always. There are plenty of tech blogs devoted to the latest and greatest TVs, but how many of them are devoted to what TVs to buy for the corporate office? At home, you want the best bang for your buck, emphasis on the bang. But at work, the emphasis is probably more on the buck, and 4k? Maybe a better idea to stay away from it!

HD vs 4K

So first of all, you’re probably not looking for a 4K TV for the office. It depends on what kind of content is going to be displayed on it. If you’re only showing HD content, you definitely want to try to find an HD TV. When you scale HD up to 4K, it looks bad. Maybe not as bad as scaling SD up to HD, but it’s certainly not worth dropping extra money on a 4K TV just to have your content look worse.

Which leaves two circumstances where you would want a 4K TV: You have 4K content, or you’re using it in a conference room as a large monitor.





Looking to impress? Maybe you need something really slick for a front entrance, something to impress people as they come in. Look into OLED TVs. They’re the new hot ticket. If you haven’t seen one in person, they will knock your socks off. Downside? They’re pricey. As of writing this, a 65″ LG OLED can set you back $4500.

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If you’re not looking to drain your budget for the entire month on a single TV, Saumsun has a fairly affordable line of UHD TVs that pack quite the punch for the budget-conscious. A 65″ will only run you $1800, and a 40″ only $800.

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Top HD TVs


LG LH5750

Can I say it’s the best if it’s only HD? Companies are putting all their money into developing 4K TVs, so don’t go looking for spectacular image quality if you’re shopping for an HD panel, but LG has a pretty good track record, and this TV is pretty nice (though a little pricey) at $550 for a 55″ model.

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TCL FS3750

Ever heard of TCL? I’m betting many people haven’t. But if you’re not picky about looks, this model will do the trick at only $400 for the 55″ model or $170 for a 32″.

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So what do you put on the TVs?

You’re asking me? No wait, I’m asking me. Most corporate offices have TVs. If you’re not utilizing those TVs for looping video content for your customers, you’re missing out. If you work in IT, you probably have stats running on them. At a bank, you’ll have new mortgage rates (you’re not still using print, are you?)

What’s the running cost of a TV ad for a month..? The budget for that could buy you how many TVs for your office? If you have customers coming in on a regular basis, that’s a no-brainer. Commercials aren’t just for getting new customers, they’re for retaining the ones you have and converting them from everyday customers to evangelists that bring you in new business. So if you have front facing content (or are interested in producing content), go buy a few TVs.

Don’t sweat the details of getting the content on those TVs. We have a new service rolling out called VidVue. It takes care of managing your content for you. Upload once, and all your screens across all your locations all update with the same new content.

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