#TBT – World Cup Golf Center TV Commercial


Welcome to the first of many Throw Back Thursday Posts to projects that we’ve done in the past! I’ve always believed that someone won’t know where they are going until they’ve looked at their past, so this is our past! We begin our walk down memory lane with World Cup Golf Center.

Liz and Ryan Friel were two of the first people to take a chance on us when we started shooting video here in the Greater Boston Area. They gave us the chance to be creative and thoughtful while producing their tv commercials. They’ve been doing video marketing with us ever since too. As a matter of fact, we’re working on replacing these very commercials with some new, blingy commercials that have more style than I had back in 2012.

World Cup Golf Center was my verrrry first cold call when I started New Sky Productions back in 2009. We were just a really small two-man video production company that was hungry for projects we could sink our teeth into that could really show that we would be a force to be reckoned with in the world of corporate video production companies. After all, marketing folks are nearly a dime a dozen, but we wanted to do things a little differently.

When I picked up the phone with sweaty palms, I had no idea that the people who would pick up the other line would some day become my friends and that we would somehow play a role in their success by way of video for business.


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