5 Powerful Ways to Use Video on LinkedIn


People are viewing your profile whether you like it or not. But does it showcase you in a manner that is impressive? What about your business? Are you utilizing video marketing on LinkedIn? It’s great to have people visit your profile but if there’s nothing there that sets you apart, why bother?

Are you optimizing this experience or are you just letting your profile remain static? If you want to optimize your brand and engage with your potential customers you need to be different, stand out from the rest.

Your LinkedIn profile is your first impression and digital introduction. Don’t waste this opportunity by simply regurgitating your dull, boring resume. Instead, take this opportunity and present yourself in a way that inspires, impresses, and builds confidence in your abilities, products, and services. Have a strategy for your LinkedIn marketing! When you talk about social media marketing, don’t forget LinkedIn!

Use your LinkedIn profile as the tool to shape your online image. If you’re not jumping on the LinkedIn video marketing bandwagon, you’re missing out.

When editing your profile, keep a lookout for the Add Media button. This is where you can add your media, including video!

It’s puzzling why only about 5 percent of the 300+ million people on LinkedIn are sending out at least one individual LinkedIn status update per week. I can only conclude that, in general, people still don’t understand this is the best way to build a strong online brand and grow your universe!

It takes a clear direction of focus, strategy, and the ability to clearly articulate how these skills and experiences are differentiated in a very crowded market and how they will separate you from the competition.

Video is by far the most effective way to communicate and showcase your story, brand and value.  With hundreds of millions of potential customers (and competitors), how can you use video effectively?  It’s easier than you think, and what better way to engage with your readers than using video to engage, excite and build your authority in your space!

Ok, so how do you use video on LinkedIn? You may be surprised on the number of choices you have. Videos can be promoted, referenced and shared in more than one way.

Here are 5 of the best!

Your Contact Information

Often left blank, this leaves your readers without the ability to contact you easily. But don’t just provide an email and phone number. Remember, customize, and stand out!   You can customize your URL links (3+) by choosing the secret “other” option, thus allowing you to add any video links and customizing the description.


Your Summary

I like to refer to this as 2,000 characters of free real estate to provide your unique value. And guess what, you can add media directly under your summary!  It can be a document, a link to website, including links to video. Just click the Add Media button and you’ll see the following dialog box.

After you upload a video, a thumbnail image will be displayed right on your summary.


Posting to your network (otherwise known as update status)

What better way to stand out than using video to engage in the news feed that is on all of your connections home page. Don’t sell, rather provide value, etc. and they will come to you.


How many times should you post videos in an average week?  Although there is no limit, just use your best judgment. 3-5 times a week is a nice compromise.  Good rule of thumb is providing 10X more than you are asking. So for every 10 posts you push out, 1 of these posts can be a bit more promotional. You want to build value and trust first. There is no other way to be seen as the authority in your space.

Rinse and repeat. Avoid overloading your readers with promotional videos, as you will lose credibility very quickly. Stick to the 10X rule (or something close to that!)

Publish and embed video links!

This is a fantastic way to build followers, connections and maximize your brand exposure.

Publishing is different that posting. You can incorporate an article into your profile (which shows above your summary) and use video links inside of the article to assist your calls to action.

Enhance your Current Work Experience & Past Experience

Rather than regurgitating your resume (no one really cares that you won a Dundy Award), use this space to provide a descriptive, value added story of who you are and what you can provide potential customers.

Just like the summary, you can add in media (e.g. video) to further differentiate your brand, company, etc. You can add media to ANY current or past position!


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