Middle School Mentality for Media


Do you have a middle school mentality when it comes to the media you’re using in your marketing campaign? It’s an honest question.

Soooo often, we do work with companies who do their socially mandated one video and social media channel, and then throw their hands up in the air and call it done. What many people don’t realize is that video in particular shouldn’t just be a “one and done” type of endeavor. This is what I call a middle school mentality (condescending, I know…sorry, but keep reading!).

Recently, as I do every year, I visited Hudson Memorial Middle School for a career day presentation about video and the other awesome stuff we do here at New Sky. This year, I decided to get real with these budding little professional storytellers.

Every year, my partner in crime at this thing, Meredith Noyes of MSN Create and I start off by asking the kids if they’ve heard any good jokes and ask them to share them with us. Some are…jokes? Some are even funny, but that’s not the point. These kids break out of their shells to ask us what a cow with no legs is called (ground beef…hehe) and they become engaged in the conversation with us.

This year, I decided to drive home how important a personal brand is. I may be the very first person ever to ask them what people see when they observe them and their behavior, which, if you’re familiar with me, or this blog even, you’ll understand the irony. My brand is adventurous, creative, thoughtful, has a beer at work and probably swears too much. I realize what my actions look like, but hey, it’s me baby. What they didn’t think about was that doing one good thing doesn’t change their brands. It’s all about the steps they continue to make in order to continue to improve themselves and then, in turn, their brands. What’s your personal brand?

So, if you’re a one and done kind of company, and do the absolute minimum, your brand is never going to improve.

They say, you’re either growing, or you’re dying. Start out with sculpting your company’s story into a work of art and continue beyond that with a recruiting video so that you can acquire great people to do great jobs so that you can ultimately see an outstanding ROI.

Video solves more than one problem. Heck, it solves a lot more problems than text, but don’t substitute doing the right thing with anything…and if you’re doing good things, you should make a video about it!

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