Video Marketing Just Makes Sense


Have you been looking for new leads to prospect in 2016?

Almost everyone looks for information on Google (the largest search engine in the world). Where does almost everyone go when they need to have their specific questions answered without having to read complex instructions or time consuming material? You Tube (the second largest search engine in the world) You Tube is owned by Google.

So, why consider video marketing? Blog posts are always useful but numerous studies indicate that people prefer to view videos than read text because it’s visually engaging and really easy to comprehend. (Reading is so 2001.)

If you need more proof, then how about these stats from the Wharton School of Business? 

Videos are 53 times more likely than text to get a first page Google ranking. For a while now, Google has given its attention to websites that have ‘blended search results’ meaning sites that display text that speaks specifically to your product or service, images (graphics or photos) and video.

Of the 80% of viewers that have watched a video online, 52% have taken some sort of action. Video makes it easier to become educated about the product or service you are offering or selling. With voice inflection and the impact of seeing a person talk or a demonstration of something working make viewers more attracted to your “Call to Action.”

Prospects are 72% more likely to buy your products and services when video is used. Again, seeing is believing! People like to be convinced when they are making a decision. Done right, depending on the product or service, helps to solidify the professional respect you have for your prospective consumer or client.

With these well recognized stats about video for websites, how much longer should you wait? Looking at this short list of stats it’s clear to see that the future is here and it looks quite promising for video marketing. With more and more businesses using it to increase their brand awareness, and educate their audience this may be the time to consider its value.