Getting Lost, The Only Way to be Found


New Sky Productions | Finding Ourselves from New Sky Productions on Vimeo.

We talk a lot about our business on this blog in relation to how we tell stories through video and so on. We don’t however, talk about the fact that we have a really strong understanding of who we are as people and as creatives.  We believe that the only way to really know yourself, to truly be found, you must get lost.

What does that mean? That’s a great question. It can really mean a wide variety of things. For us, it means literally going places that we’ve never been, getting lost and then finding our way to wherever it is that we need to be. It’s failing so that we can find success. It’s experiencing the valleys in life to know the excitement and awe that the mountaintops bring. To temporarily suspend your understanding so that you can understand something you never thought you could. For you it might mean getting involved in something that you’ve never experienced before like a non-profit board or being asked to do something you’ve never done at work (by the way if that means producing a video, we’ve got you covered). It might mean just forcing yourself to live in the present moment so that you can savor the sweetness. Like it or not, growth comes from getting lost—it’s the quintessence of life.

While those things might be scary sometimes, it’s how we grow as people.

For me, the production of this video was the culmination of a period of being lost. If you follow this blog or our company in general, you know that we rebranded recently. That process alone made us uncomfortable. We took the company that we had before, that we felt was pretty strong, and rolled the dice on creating a new visual identity. It pushed us to the point that we almost said, “Hey, forget this, let’s just settle for a logo and be done,” But the part that was going to force us to grow wasn’t over yet. We lived this video. We watched as our adventure unfolded in the form of enriched minds, strengthened bonds, and deep passion. We’re a stronger group of folks because of this experience. We can only hope to remain thankful for the struggles we experience so that we can really celebrate in our successes.

About New Sky Productions
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