We All Have a Story to Tell


Telling stories has always been a fundamental part of the  human experience, whether they are passed down from generation to generation through the spoken word, music, literature, art, or cave paintings, these stories tie us together as humans, reminding us of our accomplishments, our mistakes, and our experiences.

“Since the beginning of time we’ve been telling one another stories to make sure that traditions, history and survival skills are passed down from generation to generation.  Whether you think you have a story or not you do.  It’s poetic, beautiful, and fascinating.  A story is one of those unique things that tie us together.”

– Grant Morris, Founder/Executive Producer

Over ten years ago I packed up my Nissan pickup truck and moved from Laramie, Wyoming where I was studying for a degree in botany, to Brooks Institute of Photography to pursue a degree in visual journalism, or in other words, visual storytelling.  Soon after, Grant and John found their way to the program as well to begin using a camera to tell stories.  The next three years allowed us to begin to understand the importance of storytelling and how, if done well, these stories could not only influence others, but touch people in profound ways. After thinking about our tagline “stories. everywhere.” I decided to ask the rest of the team what it meant to them and to our business.

All three of us started out as still photographers, learning the basics of aperture and shutter speed to create a properly exposed image as well as the basics of composition to help us create images that went above and beyond the standard “snapshot”.  As time went on we began to integrate more and more storytelling elements into our imagery, creating bodies of work that were meant to illuminate the issues and people we photographed.  Not fully understanding it then, these skills only helped us become better photojournalists, and would be transformative as we began working together at New Sky Productions.

What we do today with a video camera is not much different than what we were trained to do with a still camera.  Uncovering the elements of a good story is essential whether it’s a long term documentary project, a simple photo essay, or a corporate video piece.

Stories everywhere means just that: There are stories everywhere.  As a creative company we create.  As storytellers we capture.  What we do as filmmakers is generally a mix of the two.  We tell the stories of companies by crafting stories around who they are and their mission.”

– William Litwa, Lead Editor and Colorist

Telling a good story isn’t always easy, but what sets us apart is that we take the time to illustrate and understand the stories and missions of the organizations we work with.

“Stories. Everywhere. reminds us to look twice, think about the little things.  There is a story to be told on every inch of the planet.  All you have to do is look.”

– John Waskey, Founder/Executive Producer

Whether your story is a professional story or a personal story we all have one to tell.  So what’s your story?


About New Sky Productions
New Sky Productions works directly with clients from Boston to Seattle to produce impactful media content. We utilize our outstanding in mass communication and cinematography, employing talented editors with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver compelling visual storytelling pieces that connect businesses more directly with their client base. Through dynamic video production and video exposure we increase sales, brand awareness, and consumer engagement.