What is Home?


For the majority of my career, I’ve sought out ways to illustrate the many ways people call home. A little more than a year ago I decided to start a new adventure in my own personal discovery of what home is. We packed our East Coast office up and moved it in to a questionable building (best description possible) down by the river in a part of town that had and still has TONS of potential. I mean TONS of REAL potential.

I say that this was a new adventure into what home means, because, let’s be real, we spend more time at the office than we do at home. From our window here high above Front Street, we’ve seen new parking lots paved, granite curbing installed, trees planted and feet and feet of snow.

A few weeks ago news broke that the last remaining mill building in our neighborhood was purchased so that the developer could convert the space into about 170 apartments. So much excitement is in the air that it’s sometimes impossible to take a second and savor the now, so I took the drone out for a spin for posterity sake. In the coming years, this area will look very different, but we’ll always be able to look back at this video and remember what our home used to look like.

If you haven’t been down here yet, come visit us. I want to show you how cool your home is becoming—how much heart and soul is going into this little sliver of soil. I promise that you’ll be impressed. Who knows, maybe this part of town will become your home too?

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