Fundamentals to Great Video Editing

Video can stop a viewer in their tracks or it can be pretty forgettable. Most of the time, that’s a result of a very talented person called an editor.  Editing is an important part when [...]

Animation Isn’t What It Used To Be

Animation isn't what it used to be. In the past, animators would hand-draw characters frame-by-frame. New smile? New drawing. Arm moved? New drawing. Talk about tedious! But the game has changed. Animation now has more [...]

What Color Grading Means, Practically

Sometimes it's difficult to explain what color grading is. If you're a geek, or part-geek, I've written about it from a more technical perspective in the past. We have the only full color bay in the state of New Hampshire and we [...]

What is “Editing” Anyway?

Editing is, first and foremost, a process of removal. We call it cutting for a reason. Back when everything was shot on film, an editor literally cut pieces of film into shorter pieces and taped them together. Today, the process is much more streamlined, and I have a lot more control over every aspect of the process. But the basic process does still remain the same.

Why Details Matter

Details matter. The difference between chartreuse and lime makes little difference in our everyday lives. But in filmmaking, there are incredible subtleties that mostly go consciously unnoticed, but subconsciously affect how we see a film or [...]