When you think of video production, what do you see? You probably imagine cool cameras. We have those. But we see planning, preparation, script writing, shot lists, casting, lighting, crew, directing. And, yeah, really cool cameras. Video production is about crafting each shot like it matters—because it does. It’s thinking about composition, eye-line, and how shots cut together. It’s thinking about color, and its affect on how a message is perceived. It’s recording great audio, and mixing in sound effects. It’s crafting a story. It’s putting every little detail in place, so that the end-product isn’t cobbled-together, but crafted.


For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. There are consequences. The consequence of failure, for example, is greater aspiration for success. The law is the only proof you need that to know yourself, to truly be found, you must get lost.

For the past six years, we’ve taken every chance to get lost. To get lost in newness. To get entranced by the mystery of foreign experiences. And see our adventures unfold in the form of enriched minds, strengthened bonds, and deep passion. By giving our passion free reign, we’ve found we’re only opening the door to new ideas, new discoveries, new triumphs. This is the place where creativity and beauty collide. It’s a path few have taken. But we are excited for the adventure.

We are New Sky Productions. And we tell stories—everywhere.