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Inform and Inspire

There are the two concepts that go into any successful nonprofit video: to inform and to inspire. In the work we do for nonprofits, we work to inform viewers about who you are, show funders and investors where their money is being spent, and inspire viewers with heartwarming and heart wrenching stories that inspire them to put their money where their heart is.

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Video increases awareness and ROI by directly impacting constituent behavior. Nonprofit companies using video require 37% fewer site visits before a viewer responds to a call to action.

Seeing Results

One of the nonprofits we work with is the Boys and Girls Club. In addition to other work, we produce fundraising videos for them every year, and every year they’ve gone over their projected goals.  “People hear that we are serving nearly 500 kids a day, but actually seeing the Club busy and engaged in video demonstrates what that really looks like. Video has created an effective visual representation of our programs that mere words, pictures, and social media posts can’t.”

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