Loyalty-building branded content

Sincere Storytelling

Docu-Marketing is about telling stories—your story—and branding it as a promotional piece that will not only engage your audience, but connect them with who you are as a brand and as people, building loyalty and a connection to your brand.

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A portmanteau of documentary and marketing, docu-marketing uses the storytelling techniques of documentary filmmaking to craft marketing content that builds loyalty with your consumers by being honest and sincere.

Building Loyalty

In an economy filled with false promises, honest storytelling about who your company is, how you source your products, community partnerships and/or your brand’s core values will make you stand out as a company that cares about its consumers.

This type of video is best suited for the client who is either well established or starting out as it is the type of content that will introduce the potential customer to your brand, before they even set foot in a retail location or venture to your website.

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