The Importance of Storytelling

Stories are able to share a message in highly specific and emotionally impactful ways. They are memorable and connect with the viewers in a way that matters, which is why storytelling is an essential part [...]

Cows are Camera Shy

I have always had a long standing fear of cows.  I mean why wouldn't you really?  They weigh a TON, they defecate constantly and unpredictably, and who knows when they're going to decide they want to [...]

What is “Editing” Anyway?

Editing is, first and foremost, a process of removal. We call it cutting for a reason. Back when everything was shot on film, an editor literally cut pieces of film into shorter pieces and taped them together. Today, the process is much more streamlined, and I have a lot more control over every aspect of the process. But the basic process does still remain the same.

The Producers

Walkie-talkies . . . check . . . C300 . . . check . . . Teradek and client monitor . . . check . . . microphones . . . check . . . hiring the crew . . . check . . . bed, pajamas, slippers, model releases . . . check . . . 4AM wakeup call . . . check . . . These were the things going through my head as I tried to get some much needed shuteye before my role as producer on the shoot the following morning. Before I made the jump from photography to video production I didn't really understand what a producer was, and why they always seemed so stressed out.

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