It's all about light.

All of our producers have been trained in visual storytelling. Humdrum product photography has its place, but ours is decidedly more interesting. We don’t just take a photo of what an item or person looks like—we create striking, well-lit images that have a lasting impact. We take the time and the effort to learn what’s right for your business and work with you to create clean photographic imagery that will help your business grow.

Product Photos

From buttons to buildings, we pride ourselves in creating images that sell. The team at New Sky is fully equipped to create visually stunning images of your product for use on the web, in print, or on television. We are equally equipped to work in our studio or on location, whatever best fits your product photography needs.

Corporate Lifestyle

If you work for a nonprofit or agency, taking photos can be a challenge. No one is more delicate and sensitive when it comes to corporate lifestyle photography than the staff at New Sky Productions. Our photographers come from photojournalism backgrounds where these characteristics are not only valued, but necessary. We’ll gain your trust and keep it for good.

Professional Portraiture

Is it really okay to use your Facebook profile photo for everything? We think not. If you're looking for new business portraits, in a suit or in a forest, we're your guys.