Our Process


When you think of video production, what do you see? You probably imagine cool cameras. We have those. But we see planning, preparation, script writing, shot lists, casting, lighting, crew, directing. And, yeah, really cool cameras. Video production is about crafting each shot like it matters—because it does. It’s thinking about composition, eye-line, and how shots cut together. It’s thinking about color, and its affect on how a message is perceived. It’s recording great audio, and mixing in sound effects. It’s crafting a story. It’s putting every little detail in place, so that the end-product isn’t cobbled-together, but crafted.

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How we do what we do

We take a step-by-step approach to our video production process, working directly with our clients every step of the way. Some clients come to us with very clear ideas of what they want for a corporate video, and we help shape that into a visually interesting and compelling narrative story. Other clients come with only with an idea of who they are as a business, a product, or an individual. No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, we will brainstorm a variety of ideas, drawing our inspiration directly from the your mission, concepts, and ethos to produce a video for your business that best fits your needs.


We work directly with our clients to create engaging narratives.


Then we schedule locations, gain permission, or just check the weather to make sure the shoot goes smoothly.


Our skilled cinematographers then go to work.


During the editing phase, we work directly with our clients to achieve their vision.


With a little magic and fancy dials, we achieve brilliant color for our films.


Finally, we sit back and celebrate with our clients. (Come over for a sodie pop!)