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The Goal

When JP Pest Services approached us, they were interested in growing their business in Massachusetts, but expressed frustrations with previous vendors including a lack of creativity, no proactive engagement, a lack of communication, a lack of leadership, and overall sub-par quality. We spoke to Jennifer Hill about the impact a single broadcast video campaign had on their business and how they came to work with us in the first place.


How did they decide to work with us?

JP Pest spent two months in the research phase and looked closely at five or six different companies before deciding on New Sky Productions.


What made us different from the others?

  • Our “willingness to work collaboratively regarding creative conceptualization prior to contract-signing.” Who wants to invest in something if they don’t know what they’re getting? We work through multiple creative ideas before you put pen to paper on a contract.
  • We were “super accommodating through the creative development process, through change requests, script changes, and minor reshoots, from the beginning all the way through post-production.”
  • We were “always able to ease anxieties of the executive team and answer any questions they had.” We don’t just show up with a camera. We work in video marketing, not just production.

What we crafted

We produced two broadcast videos for JP, one for residential clients and one for the businesses. We wanted to show JP as professionals without being too serious about it. And, we wanted to show that sometimes doing it yourself—especially with pest control—isn’t always a great solution. We also produced longer-form versions of the commercials for their website and social.


JP Pest Services saw a 23% increase in B2B sales, an 18% increase in B2C sales, and a 17.5% increase in total revenue in 2016. It was the most expensive marketing venture that JP has ever done, but it has also had far more success than any other venture.
It “matured and elevated” their branding. “Industry colleagues and consumers raved about it; said it was hilarious. They didn’t think it came from JP.”
It also helped Jen get a promotion from Marketing Coordinator to Brand Manager.

23% Increase in B2B Sales, 18% Increase in B2C Sales
17.5% Increase in Total Revenue

Will they work with us again?

Absolutely. “It’s extremely hard to make an industry like pest control look ‘sexy.’ These ads are helping us break that mold and change consumer perceptions of pest control for the JP brand. We look forward to continuing our relationship and elevating our brand with New Sky Productions.”

JP Pest Services logo
Still from broadcast commercial

23% Increase in
B2B Sales

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