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5 Ways to Market Your Brand with Video

  Today, an effective marketing strategy goes well beyond basic text and article content. Video has become the single most important strategy in content marketing. Video marketing has revolutionized the way companies visually and dynamically [...]

Animation Isn’t What It Used To Be

Animation isn't what it used to be. In the past, animators would hand-draw characters frame-by-frame. New smile? New drawing. Arm moved? New drawing. Talk about tedious! But the game has changed. Animation now has more [...]

What Color Grading Means, Practically

Sometimes it's difficult to explain what color grading is. If you're a geek, or part-geek, I've written about it from a more technical perspective in the past. We have the only full color bay in the state of New Hampshire and we [...]

Happy Holidays!

So... things got a little heated this year when we tried to put the finishing touches on the main course. We had to ho-ho-hose it down before the fire department paid us a friendly visit. [...]

Win Within The Shopper Cycle!

Your business' product is amazing and you wholeheartedly stand behind it, but can you honestly say it is being represented to it's full potential? When in the market for a certain product or service, it has never [...]

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