Learn to Leverage Intent with Video


Relevant video advertisements get 3x the attention when compared to the average video advertisements. Why? Relevant video ads tap into your target audience’s intent. It’s no longer simply enough to be able to identify your target audience. Today, advertisers must also know what their audience is looking for and in what context. Understanding your audience’s intent and being able to respond to that intent will make or break your campaign. The right storytelling, video creative, and ad placement are the keys to successfully reaching and keeping a consumer’s attention.

Intent is More Important Than Identity
Demographics still have a place in target marketing, but marketers need to downplay this data. Demographics don’t address what we really need to know: why someone is searching and for what they’re searching. Marketing technology is evolving in powerful ways and investments are being made to pivot focus to include intent. Intent relates to a specific problem and by having the insight to understand that problem, marketers can solve for it and provide a highly valued solution for audiences. Video production as a communication tool will effectively speak to the right people with the right problems, and convince them that your product or service is the right solution.

Scale Production Creatively
Video marketing campaigns can be helpful when they reach relevant groups of people, and even more helpful when the video creative itself is relevant too. But creating relevant creative at scale can be an investment and arduous. Progressive video production companies know how to guide you through this process to deliver to collection of media that will serve audiences based on intent signals.

Leverage Video as a Solution
Proven and effective storytellers will create video content that’s useful to your audience members. These storytellers understand that once your audience members find you, the messaging must be on point and what the audience needs in that moment. Creating useful content that appeals to customers in each stage in their journey will increase the likelihood that the marketed product or service will be their solution. Solving for the problem and not pushing the product do gain more traction with customers. Learn to identify the the problem? Why is it a problem? How does your brand resolve the problem?

Gone are the days when one piece of creative does all the heavy lifting. Video formats and targeting have also gotten more sophisticated, and storytelling possibilities have gotten more interesting as a result. Multi-part stories are now told to the same viewer over time, in various cuts of creative. Video producers know that nailing the right sequence could be the difference between someone tuning out and paying attention.

As consumers expectations for insightful video production evolves, the end result must be more personalized and assistive than ever before. Smart video marketing must go beyond the “just nice to have” projection and speak to the true relevance of the moment. It’s a marketing imperative.

About New Sky Productions
New Sky Productions is a video production company that works directly with clients from Boston to Seattle to produce impactful media content. We utilize our outstanding in mass communication and cinematography, employing talented editors with state-of-the-art equipment to deliver compelling visual video storytelling pieces that connect businesses more directly with their client base. Through dynamic video production and video marketing exposure we increase sales, brand awareness, and consumer engagement.