As you can imagine, we look at a lot of videos around here. Just like you, we love the holiday season because it brings out the very best in what we have to offer as human beings. It also means that it’s time for those really awesome (and really terrible) holiday email videos to start rolling out.

Being the generous folks that we are, we’ve been collecting these bad boys over the last year or so just to make your days a little brighter. Here are the best (and worst) holiday cards that we can find. Cheers!

Best: Jingle Butts
Agency: Zulu Alpha Kilo

Before you fly off the handle and yell at me for posting a video of a guy drumming on some…butts, be sure to watch all the way to the end. The agency turns something seemingly wildly inappropriate in to something that’s truly at the heart of the season. Giving. “In support of Colon Cancer Canada, we partnered with world-renowned Spanish percussionist Jorge Perez from the jazz-fusion band PATAX to create a cheeky, holiday-themed video. As “equal bum opportunists”, both male and female bums were used. We have also made a generous donation to Colon Cancer Canada.

[vc_video link=’’]


Worst: Hammond Cards
Agency: Definitely none.

No production value…but that’s ok. The story makes up for it…kinda, but at least the call to action is clear! If you’re looking to sell something to your client base, then a video like this could be helpful. Just be sure to call a video production company to help you put it together. Your clients or customers likely spend loads of money with you every year, so why would you half ass it?

[vc_video link=’′]


Best: “Shift-Faced”
Agency: Bruton Stroube Studios

Surely by now you’re coming to understand that I have a pretty sick sense of humor…trust me, it’s genetic.

This video takes an “alternative” look at the traditional step-by-step process of preparing a holiday meal.

[vc_video link=’′]


Worst: I’m not putting any more bad videos in this post. No one is going to watch them. Let’s look at another good one!

Best: SS+K Holiday Card
Agency: SS+K

[vc_video link=’′]


The entire point of the holiday season to me is that we take a second and wish the people that we work with throughout the year well and let them know that we are truly thankful for them. The video above is a great example of an agency sharing their thanks and well wishes with a community as well as expressing their creativity.

So…what’s the moral of the story? If you are considering doing a holiday video (or any kind of video really), you want to trust professionals to take care of you. The last thing you should want to do is to put out a video that lacks sincerity and that personal touch. We, here at New Sky Productions, sincerely wish you a fantastic holiday season and a beautiful New Year!


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