Our award winning and experienced staff have worked for national and international businesses, non-profit organizations and news outlets.

. We have helped them reach a wider audience through the medium of visual storytelling. Not only do we help to more effectively spread your message through our videos, we give you the tools help your organization grow by producing a project that can be used to bring in the necessary resources for your sustainability.

We’re committed to being socially and environmentally responsible. All of our members are required to engage in a minimum of ten hours of community service per year. We also make sure all of our projects are carbon neutral. Literally, everyone wins by working with New Sky.

Our Story

New Sky Productions was started almost entirely out of necessity. Our beginnings were humble. Grant had just been laid off from a full time newspaper job where he was a photographer. John had just finished college and wasn’t entirely sure about what his next move would be. The thing we both had in common was a passion for telling stories. We’re not talking about gossip or here-say, we’re talking about taking a camera, asking the right questions and developing a timeline that helps people understand the reason why something is. That’s when we realized that journalism wasn’t the only place where our skills were valuable. After all, that market was shrinking.

So we took our skills to local businesses and offered to help them tell their stories. The response has been fantastic. We knew that the power of storytelling was incredible, but we weren’t sure what roll it would play in the world of business, particularly in a Main Street setting.

If helping people connect with a business on a deeper level than just the product is the Holy Grail, then we’re well on our way down the path to finding it.

Long story short, we tell stories that help people succeed.