Our mission is to help you succeed! We are a full service multimedia, photography and video production house capable of meeting the needs of organizations large and small. We can do a great deal, so to simplify things we have broken down our services into the following categories:


Video Services

Short Video Packages:

We’ve specifically designed our Short Video Packages to be an excellent way for you to experience the benefits of video right away. Customizable video packages offer an affordable option for organizations of any size. With videos ranging from 1 to 2 minutes in length, you’ll be able to connect with your customers in a quick, thought provoking manner.

Video Package Add-Ons:

It’s always nice to feature a raving review of your business on your website. It’s even better to hear directly from an engaged and enthusiastic client, supporter or customer. Client Testimonials are short, direct videos of a customer or supporter talking about your organization. Think of them as a 5 star review on Amazon.com that people can truly connect with.

If you have a certain product or service that you’re known for, or one that you would like to bring more attention to, let’s think about producing a short video on it! This is a great way to highlight a specific aspect of your business and can be used to draw in more customers.

Nothing helps your customers understand how your product works better than showing it in use. Think of this type of video as an instruction manual your customers can experience.

Motion Graphics are animated logos, titles and design work that move to enhance your message. Utilizing After Effects, Motion, Cinema 4D and Boujou, we can customize motion graphics to better suit your visual needs.

Our short video packages include filming in one location. If you’re interested in filming at another location that requires travel, there will be a small additional fee.

If you would like our crew to continue filming after the time allotted in your package, please let us know. Our rates vary depending on the amount of extra shooting that is needed.

Each package has a specific number of project revisions. We’re confident in our ability to deliver exactly what you need within those revisions. If you’re interested in making additional changes to your project beyond what’s included, we will be happy to help. A reasonable, and additional editing fee will be applied for extra revisions.

Traditional Video Services:

If you are looking for something longer than our package offerings, or are interested in designing a specific program with a member of our team, our traditional services may better suit your needs. These include:

Photography Services

In addition to being stellar video producers, every member of New Sky Productions is a highly skilled and trained photographer with years of experience. We use these skills to help tell a story just like in our videos. After all, storytelling is a human tradition that’s been happening since the beginning of time…so you know it works.

Product Photography: From buttons to buildings, we pride ourselves in creating images that sell. The team at New Sky is fully equipped to create visually stunning images of your product for use on the web, in print and on television. We are equally at home in the studio as well as on location.
Photo Story production: If you work for a non-profit or agency, taking photos can be a challenge. No one is more delicate and sensitive when it comes to photography than the staff at New Sky. Our members come from a photojournalism background where these characteristics are necessary. We’ll gain your trust and keep it for good.
Photo Essays: Staying true to our roots, we still love to take assignments from editorial clients. It helps keep us sharp. We are able to cover a wide variety of topics nationally and internationally. If you’re looking for someone to help illustrate a story, don’t hesitate to contact us.



Other Services

Multimedia Projects: Mixed media storytelling. Video, audio and photography combined creating in-depth, interactive web based storytelling.

DVD Production: Pre-production development, case design, menu design, motion graphics implementation, special feature and EPK production, project compression, DVD authoring and printing.

Editing Services: The New Sky Production team is fully equipped to assist in any of your editing needs. We have several editing suits available, equipped with Final Cut Pro and Adobe After Effects.

Project Development: Assisting the development of external Film, Video and Multimedia projects.

Educational Services: Photography instruction, videography instruction, technical workshops, story development, multimedia journalism workshops.

For more information on pricing and how we can assist you, please contact us at: