WASKEY: “A Portrait of Afghanistan” Afghanistan Videography Reel. Runtime: 2.41 Afghanistan is a fractured place. Torn by war, torn by poverty, and torn by astounding corruption. In the minds of westerners, it’s a place where humanity doesn’t exist. The country is a shining example of what happens when a societies educated population is driven to mass exodus. It’s honestly difficult to write positively about what I’ve seen here. Circumstances are changing for the better but at a snails pace. People are returning, roads are being built and kids are getting back to school. I believe in the Afghan people. Their resilience, their strength. They are human, just like us. -John

WASKEY: “I am this place: A Portrait of the Northwest” Runtime: 3.44 I live here because I am here. Growing up in the Pacific Northwest cemented my love for wild places. Smelling pine, touching damp, wooded earth is a religious and rejuvenating experience. What I’ve experienced here, what I’ve felt, tasted and touched shaped how I think. I am this place. -John