Our Process

How we do what we do

We take a step-by-step approach to our video production process, working directly with our clients every step of the way. Some clients come to us with very clear ideas of what they want for a corporate video, and we help shape that into a visually interesting and compelling narrative story. Other clients come with only with an idea of who they are as a business, a product, or an individual. No matter what end of the spectrum you’re on, we will brainstorm a variety of ideas, drawing our inspiration directly from the your mission, concepts, and ethos to produce a video for your business that best fits your needs.


We work directly with our clients to create engaging narratives.


Then we schedule locations, gain permission, or just check the weather to make sure the shoot goes smoothly.


Our skilled cinematographers then go to work.


During the editing phase, we work directly with our clients to achieve their vision.


With a little magic and fancy dials, we achieve brilliant color for our films.


Finally, we sit back and celebrate with our clients. (Come over for a sodie pop!)

What makes us different


This is where nothing becomes something. Video doesn’t grow on trees, and neither do ideas. We work directly with our clients to craft meaningful content that we’ll turn into a compelling promotional video, or even an entire video marketing campaign. Proper and precise organization and planning is the cornerstone of great video production. This is the step where that happens.


Almost everyone has a smartphone, and almost every smartphone shoots HD video. What makes us different? Fancy cameras? Certainly not (although our Blackmagic Ursa is sweeet!). Cinematography—the art of making motion pictures—is more than that. It’s about making conscious decisions on whether to have a warm light or a cool one, whether the subject should be lit from the front or the side, whether the camera should be on a gimbal system or a tripod, and (most importantly) how these (and many more) decisions affect how the viewer will perceive what’s being filmed. Cinematography is an artform that we revere, and our application of this artform to video production and video marketing is what sets us apart.


Good design matters. Good design is good business. And good design is about more than just picking cool colors and a cool typeface. Good design is innovative; it doesn’t follow trends. It’s about using imaginative expression to create honest and understandable imagery that conveys a specific message to your audience, down to the last detail.


Color grading is two things: correction and style. The first isn’t necessarily to fix mistakes; even with extremely talented cinematographers, gaffers (lighting experts), and really cool cameras, the image may not come back “correct” often on purpose (for really complex reasons we won’t list here). Maybe the grass should be greener, or someone’s skin tone is off. The second part is more emotional. An image composed of yellows and oranges gives a warm and inviting feel while an image composed of blues and cyans generally gives the opposite; and we can do either. These are the kind of details that take your video production project to that next level.