Music and Branding: Why Good Music Matters

Music and Branding: Why Good Music Matters

Good music is better than bad. I think we can all agree on that. The same is true in video branding and video advertising. If you’re still using jingles in your video content… you’re not still using jingles, are you? Wake up, it’s not 1956 anymore! Luckily, most jingles died out in the 70s. In their place is what’s come to be called audio branding—also called sonic branding or sound branding. With even the cheapest laptop speakers now sounding beautiful, this is more important now than ever.

So we put this little video together to illustrate the difference between well-crafted music and cheap stock music…

Audio branding is exactly what it sounds like: using audio to reinforce your brand. If you’re using cheap stock music, that’s exactly what it says about your brand. Here at New Sky Productions, we tell stories (in case you hadn’t realized that yet). So we work with musicians and music agencies that have the same aesthetics—pairing beautiful hand-crafted music with visuals to create video marketing content that reaches out and speaks to your audience. Because speaking to your audience is a lot better than talking at them.

Want to see more of the above footage? We crafted a video last year called “Getting Lost, The Only Way to be Found.”

William Litwa
Post-Production Manager at New Sky Productions

Before joining us, William worked on a wide variety of films, including commercials, music videos, documentaries, and short fiction. He’s lived in Arkansas, California, New York, and now New Hampshire. He has an MFA in Photography from Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara, CA and a BA in Studio Art / Emphasis in Photography from UALR in Little Rock, AR. He also works as a fine artist, and bases his work around concepts found in both contemporary theoretical physics and mythology, synthesizing the two fields to create experiential work.

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